Vision & Mission

Our Vision

"To be amongst the most admired Global healthcare companies."

Our Mission

·         Achieve 100% customer satisfaction by focusing on Quality, Affordability and delivering value through our products and services.

·         Meet and excel high ethical standards in all our processes.

·         Satisfaction of employees through Training & Excellence in Corporate Governance.

·         Attain shareholder confidence through performance & leadership

Our Values

Transforming Healthcare Experience of Patients through…


INTEGRITY:As professionals we will be honest and ethical and provide good healthcare to all.

RESPONSIVENESS:We will be caring and responsive at all times while attending to patients needs.

PATIENT INFORMATION:We will share complete knowledge and information with patients.

RESPECT and COMPASSION:We will treat patients and their families as well as our colleagues with dignity.

EFFICIENCY:We will always make extra efforts to eliminate wastage of resources and patient time.

TEAMWORK:We will always deliver our best with dedication and coordinated efforts of every team member.

Be Active

Be Active

Regular exercises strengthens you to combat weakness due to CKD.

Be Hydrated

 Normal =   2500ml 
CKD     =   750ml


Be Smoke-free

Smoking reduces the efficacy of your medicines.

Be in Control

Monitor your blood pressure & sugar periodically to remain in control.